Unbelievable Facts That Exist About Different Countries Around The World

1. In Demark parents can only name their babies from approve name

There is a very strict Law on Personal Names in demark that protects children from having a weird name given by their parents, so parents will have to choose from government-approved 7000 names for girls and boys.

However, If parents want to name their child something that isn't on the list, they will have to get special permission from their local church, and the name is then reviewed by governmental officials.

 Creative spellings of more common names are often rejected. The law states that girls and boys must have names that indicate their gender, you can't use the last name as a first name, and unusual names may be rejected.

About 1,100 names are reviewed each year, 15-20% of the names are rejected. There are also laws in place to protect rare Danish last names.

    2. Malaysia law forbid the wearing of yellow cloth

    Following a protest in 2016 that seek the resignation of its Prime Minister, the Malaysian government imposes a law that bans the wearing of yellow clothes after thousands of protesters wearing yellow T-shirts flooded the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

    Since then anyone seen wearing a yellow cloth will be detained on the suspicion of being among the protester.

      3. Posthumous marriage are legal in France

      According to France 'civil code' marrying someone who is no mare is legal, the practice was quite prevalent in the country during the first world war when women will marry their fiance's after they are no more.

      This practice was official legalized in 1957 when a dam broke and killed 400 and a grieving woman pledged to marry her lost lover. however, the law requires the living person to prove that the couple already intended to marry.

      Also, the living person cannot inherit the asset belonging to the departed one, so as to prevent opportunists from misusing the law.

        4. In Japan you can rent a handsome men to wipe away your tear

        Japan has a service called  "Ikemesu Denshi" which means 'Handsome Weeping Boys' a Tokyo base company which provide it consumer home some men, who can rent them to watch a film together even wipe away their tears.

        Some companies in this country have also come up with services like cuddling- sessions, rent a friend to help people deal with their emotions.

          5. Niue’s has a currency with cartoon character

          Niue, an island country in the South-Pacific that uses two currency 'New Zealand dollar and Niue dollar' on its coins, displays popular fiction characters on it.

          The coins feature some Disney series characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Snow White, apart from other series like Star Wars, Pokemon, the Godfather, and Doctor Who. The country also earns royalty whenever a coin is purchased by collectors.

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